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RF Skin Lifting and Tightening Equipment

    1. R002-RF Skin Lifting and Tightening EquipmentThe treatment tip has a wide size range. We offer treatment heads whose diameters are 15mm and 30mm. So this beauty equipment is convenient for us to use at the different parts of our body.
      The continuous contact cooling provides a comfortable treatment ...

Description of RF skin lifting and tightening equipment:
RF skin rejuvenation is another kind of laser beauty equipment that we recommend to you. Manufactured by Vanoo in China, this laser skin rejuvenation equipment has achieved good remarks around the world!

Working principle of RF skin lifting and tightening equipment:
At the process of changing the electrode, the electrode will be changed 5/10 million times per seconds. The skin organization resists the electrode changing action naturally; In this case, the heating effect heats up the collagen and causes the denaturalization, which is called collagen shrinkage. The duration effect starts up the inflammation effect after the wound, including the hyperplasia of the fiber cells, the reorganizing of the collagen, which tight, smooth and soften the skin maximally. The aim of wrinkle removal, face promotion and improvement is achieved.

Applications of RF skin lifting and tightening equipment:
-Remove wrinkle on the face: this laser skin rejuvenation equipment will be effective for curing look-up wrinkle, glabellum wrinkle, channel wrinkle around the nose and the lips, wrinkle at the former ears, down eyelid wrinkle, neck wrinkle.
-Promotion tightening: introduction of laser skin rejuvenation technologies make it capable of promoting and tightening the foreheads, eye-around, face and neck; shrinking the pore and removing the double chin.
-Shape the body: arm, thigh, abdomen of post partum, promote and tight the waist, improve the orange-peel like tissue on the body.
Welcome to use our laser skin rejuvenation equipments and they will make you younger, more beautiful and charming!