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E-light Beauty Machine, IPL and RF

    1. E20 E-Light (IPL&RF) Beauty EquipmentLaser Beauty equipment produced by Vanoo has reliable performance, and it can bring you good cosmetic effects.
      E20 E-light (IPL and RF) beauty equipment is a high quality and affordable product. It has good treatment effect.

Description of E-light beauty machine (IPL and RF):
E-light beauty machine (IPL and RF) also belongs to laser beauty equipments, which have been recognized as safe and effective equipments for skin rejuvenation by introducing advanced laser skin rejuvenation technologies both in China and abroad.

Working principle of E-light beauty machine (IPL and RF):
E-light combines the advantages of the technology of Bi-polar Radio Frequency and broad spectrum light energies, applying the conditions that the skin absorbs the light energy selectively and resists differently, on the conditions of low intensity of light energy, causing the absorption of the radio frequency. In this case, the possible side-effects such as blister, pigment imperturbation and blacken can be avoided maximally, which makes the patients feel more comfortable during the operation.

Applications of E-light beauty machine (IPL and RF):
-This laser beauty equipment can cure smooth wrinkles or do face-lifting
-Deep flecks, epidermis flecks or pigment
-Treating the telangiectasis
-Adoption of laser skin rejuvenation techniques will promote collagen to grow and strengthen elasticity of skin
-Acne treatment
-Shrink the thick pore
-This laser skin rejuvenation technology can also remove light-colored or dark and thick extra hair

Laser beauty equipments of Vanoo will nourish and smooth every part of your skin!