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    1. 808nm Diode Laser Hair RemovalThe 808nm diode laser hair removal machine D8 is a device that uses a special laser with a pulse-width of 808nm which can effectively penetrate hair follicles. Using selective light absorption theory, the laser is preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair, heating the hair shaft and follicle, destroying the hair follicle and oxygen organization around it.
    1. SHR IPL Hair RemovalSHR stands for super hair removal, a popular form of skin rejuvenation and hair removal equipment. The pain-free hair removal machine combines intense pulsed light (IPL) technology and lasers to achieve effective, lasting hair removal with minimal discomfort.
    1. Multi-channel RF and Vacuum Beauty Machine Re-Youth is a 3D skin tightening and body contouring machine which is an amazing surgery alternative. We are the first company in China to develop this type of technology based on the original design from Israel's VIORA Company.
    1. Eye Bag, Eye Dark Circle, Eye Wrinkle RemovalThe Bonni eye care system is specially designed to remove dark circles, bags and wrinkles around the eyes by improving micro-circulation in the blood vessels. This is a complete eye beauty system with amazing eye skin rejuvenation.
    1. Fat Loss/Slimming This weight loss machine uses cavitation, radio frequency and vacuum functions for burning cellulite, reducing fat, slimming and shaping the body, skin rejuvenation and skin tightening.
    1. Anti-Aging/Skin Rejuvenation/Acne Treatment The all LED lamp is from the famous Japanese brand Nicha. It uses a specialized energy in order to ensure the wavelength is correct, and give the rejuvenation machine is high quality and has a long service life.
      The lamp is a 3,360 piece LED lamp. The LED head can be adjusted up or down, as well as to lay flat or curve. It is used for treatment on the face or body.
    1. Scar Removal/Vagina TighteningThe skin treatment device has sensors that can detect any abnormalities during operation and can automatically shut down if needed.
      There are two models of the fractional laser device, model A is scanned dot by dot, this model is used for larger, more built up scar tissue. Model B is scanned with dot irregularly, this model is for smaller scars and is more painless.
    1. Hair Regrowth The 650nm Laser diode hair regrowth machine makes use of a specially cooled laser to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. Low level laser therapy is based on photo-biotherapy which kick starts cell metabolism and protein synthesis. While the exact process in which the laser promotes hair growth is yet unknown ...